Tennessee Champion Maltese Breeder

Ritzy’s Maltese is located in the beautiful state of Tennessee, where we have devoted ourselves to perfecting the breed since 2001.  You are welcome to examine our pictures  pedigrees on “Our Maltese” page.  I hope you enjoy our website, and I welcome any questions regarding our Maltese dogs.



  • What is the puppy’s health?
    • All puppies are released in excellent health, only. We will not release a puppy to a new owner that is sick, diseased or suffering in any way. This is important to us and we have the right to withhold release of the puppy until it is no longer ill.
  • What is the general health of both parents?
    • Parents are always in peak health when entering a breeding cycle. We will not breed for puppies if parents show any stress or strain to their body or if they have any diseases. We maintain a close relationship with our local veterinarians to ensure proper health and nutrition.
  • Does the puppy conform to AKC, Show and Breeding standards (size, structure, correct bite, black points, etc.)?
    • Not all puppies are show dogs and if we are lucky, we get a show dog out of 4 litters.
  • Do both parents conform to AKC, Show and breeding standards (size, structure, correct bite, black points, etc.)?
    • Yes! We Breed Champions!
  • What is the temperament of the parents? 
    • Puppies inherit their parents’ personalities.
  • When Asked if we have puppies available, a common question we have to ask is – What sex are you looking for? 
    • This is an important question because Maltese mothers typically have 2 or 3 pups, and 80% of the time (from my personal experience) the ratio is 2 males : 1 female, AND EVERYONE WANTS FEMALES!!!!
  • What if I am looking for a pet and not a show dog? 
    • If a breeder is lucky, they might get one show dog from every 4 litters they have.  The other puppies become pets that meet all the requirements and standards of the breed.
  • Last, but not least: Do You Sell Teacup Maltese
    • THERE IS NO SUCH ANIMAL AS A TEACUP MALTESE!  “Teacup Maltese” is an advertising term that caught on with the public, and it now erroneously is believed to be an actual size type.  Reputable breeders scowl at this term.

Doggie Doodles

Ritzy’s Touch of Class Diva:

If you are fortunate enough to set foot in the lovely state of Tennessee, the first thing you will notice is the trees…all types and varieties dappling the countryside with their ever-changing colors.  I personally like the mighty oak, and that’s probably a good thing since they surround the log home in which I was born and live now.  During the day they provide cool shade to the sun-drenched deck where I spend many happy hours with my family: Miss Birgit Cullinan and my Maltese brothers, sisters.

Ritzy’s Shake Yer Bootie:

In case you’re interested, our home is in the Wells Creek area, where about 200 million years ago a meteor nearly 1000 feet in diameter, weighing more than 100 million tons, and traveling more than 36,000 mph buried itself in the ground and blew everything to smithereens.  I know these things because I’m a good listener and people around here talk about it a lot.  Anyway, what we’re left with after erosion and all that scientific mumbo jumbo are rolling hills, beautiful valleys, hidden hollows and sparkling creeks – an absolutely wonderful place to grow up! 

CHAMPION Ritzy’s Great Balls of Fire:

So, if you decide to come for a visit and you’re traveling with people who want to do something other than look at me and mine, there are places to go and things to see!